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Ofcom logoEach community radio station in the UK has requirements in respect of its music and local content, such as news, speech levels etc. These requirements are set out in the station's Key Commitments, a document issued by Ofcom, the UK's radio regulator.

MKFM's Key Commitments

Licence: CR100797

Station name


Community to be servedPeople who live or work in Milton Keynes and surrounding villages

Licence area

Milton Keynes (as shown in the licensed coverage area map)


106.3 MHz


Character of service

MKFM provides a proudly local, mainstream community radio service, which promotes and supports the work of local charities and community groups and helps local businesses, musicians and sports teams.


  • Daytime music to speech ratio is 75:25, but with a music to speech ratio of 85:15 between 1pm and 4pm.

  • Music output includes a mix of hits from the past 25 years during daytime, with opportunities for more ‘specialist’ music in evening programmes.

  • Speech output includes local news, travel and weather bulletins, local sports, reviews and ‘what’s on’ features, local business news, discussion programmes and regular studio guests.

  • Each week the service features shows about local sports, local music, local arts, as well as reports from local events.

  • The station broadcasts original output for a minimum of 12 hours a day on weekdays and 10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, with voice-tracked programmes at all other times apart from during syndicated programming.

  • No more than 18 hours a week of syndicated programming is broadcast

  • Studio location: MKFM has studio premises within the coverage area. 

Social gain and other commitments


·         Offers opportunities for local organisations and politicians to engage with the community through interactive programmes.

·         Encourages social cohesion by ensuring content is balanced and doesn’t discriminate, that opinions are respected and cultural diversity is celebrated, and by working alongside key partners on high profile events.

·         Features Community Action initiatives on air, online and on our social media channels at least twice per year.

·         Offers local charities, fundraisers and not for profit organisations a platform to publicise charity appeals, charity singles, fundraising events, practical help and ongoing guidance.

·         Supports community events every year by offering on air and online publicity, and by attending events.

·         Supports local musicians, dancers and other performers by offering interviews, airplay, performance opportunities at local events and guidance.

Participation in the service

·         MKFM facilitates community discussion and debate and provides opportunities for listeners to have their say by interacting via text messaging, phone-ins, and social networking.

  • MKFM has an Open Door Policy with new volunteers encouraged to get involved in the operation of the radio station and offered a structured induction process
·         The most able volunteers have the opportunity to take on management responsibilities when positions become available and MKFM offers volunteers the opportunity to stand for election to a Director role and sit on our board.

Access to facilities and training

·         MKFM offers training opportunities for the whole community, including broadcasting-related courses, skills training and work placements.

·         Volunteers are offered professional standard training in various areas such as radio presenting, Journalism/News Reporting, Audio Production and in other media related skills.

·         MKFM works with a range of local educational establishments to offer work experience opportunities and to run radio workshops in class. 

·         MKFM offers professional training courses to volunteers from other Community Radio, Student Radio, Hospital Radio and Online stations.

·         MKFM has a Community Outreach programme to reach young people and offers activities such as DJ workshops and personal skills training. 


·         The public can contact the station to raise issues through social media, via the website, texting, phoning or writing; in person at our premises; and at one of the many local events we attend.

·         Issues raised by the public are discussed by our Board of Directors who oversee the Executive Management Team. The outcome is reported back to the person who raised the issue.

·         MKFM has a Community Advisory Panel consisting of representatives of organisations meets quarterly to review the station’s performance. New organisations can apply to join the panel by contacting the radio station.

·         MKFM has a Complaints/Grievance Procedure published on our website.

·         MKFM’s various policies are published on our website for public scrutiny and these are all overseen by the Board of Directors.

[September 2015] 


Station Contact details

Our address is:

417 Saxon Gate East
Milton Keynes

Main Switchboard Number: 01908 464100

Studio phone in number: 01908 464106
Sales: 01908 464100
Newsroom: 01908 464100
Travel news line: 01908 464106
Studio Text: 07904 107107

Events/Charities Support or Coverage

We are proud to be a part of the fastest growing city in the UK and we aim to help all charitable and non profit making groups with their local events through publicity. You can send in your events online.

The MKFM street team regularly visit many fetes, fairs, carnivals and open days across Milton Keynes and North Bucks and we promote many of these events on air.

Any other issues or areas of interest likely to impact on localness?

There are no current issues that impact on the localness of the station.


The station's playlist

Our playlist is available here.


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