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Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole Cheryl Cole revealed her new back tattoo on the opening night of Girls Aloud’s Ten Tour (Picture:

Cheryl Cole has admitted she’s ‘done with tattoos’ after her latest addition received mixed reviews.

The former X Factor judge has given tramp stamps up for good after unveiling the red rose design on her back during the opening night of Girls Aloud’s Ten Tour Thursday night.

Speaking after the show at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena, she said: ‘It was really painful but I think I’m done with tattoos now. It wasn’t for any particular reason, I just liked the design.

‘It took 15 hours in total.’

Although fans have only just got a whiff of her new inking, the 29-year-old Geordie had it done in September.

‘I actually got it five months ago — but it’s somewhere on my body you wouldn’t expect people to see it very often,’ she explained.

‘It was done by this amazing artist called Nikko Hurtado who basically travels round the world going to conventions.’

Cheryl Cole tattooCheryl Cole tattoo Chezza’s latest design took an eye-watering 15 hours in total  (Picture:

But despite her vow to steer clear of tattoo parlours in future, the Under The Sun singer admitted she would make an exception if her bandmates were up for one.

She told The Sun: ‘I was up for getting a small something done for the reunion but the girls aren’t quite so keen.’

Nicola Roberts chipped in: ‘I’m too pale for a tattoo — it would stand out like a sore thumb. I might just get a dot like Phoebe from Friends.’

Girls AloudGirls Aloud Cheryl wanted all of her Girls Aloud bandmates to get a tattoo to mark their reunion (Picture:

Cheryl has said previously she wouldn’t mind getting her entire back done.

‘They are addictive, they really are. If it was up to me — and I could be brave for one day — I would have my whole back done,’ she told InStyle in 2011.

My friends say, “Cheryl, please, you might regret it” — but to me, it’s art.’

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